Family Support & Resources

Family Support Pack

Our beautiful and bespoke Family Support Packs were created carefully with love and thought by bereaved families for bereaved families.

Losing a baby is a lifelong journey and this pack is created to help and support you through many different stages of emotions, feelings, and moments. It has journal elements for you to complete as a family to record precious memories and spend time reflecting.

The pack contains a comprehensive support directory, as well as a recommended book list for adults and children.

Our beautiful Certificate of Life celebrates your child’s life and can be displayed or kept in a memory box.

JOEL’s Family Support Pack is free. Click here to request a pack or email to make a request. Or perhaps you would like to distribute them to your local hospital?

Each pack costs £3.40 to produce, if you would like to make a donation to provide another family with a pack please make your donation 

Support for Siblings

This booklet provides families with the opportunity to have a written document to share with your child’s school about your baby/babies who died for staff to have as a reference.

We know it can be very difficult for parents to talk to their child’s teacher about this subject, particularly during times when children are creating their family tree or other family-related activities. We feel it is important that families feel safe and supported to share what they need to about their loss.

The pages have a prompt and are then free text so that you can write as much or as little detail as is appropriate for your family. The idea is that everyone then knows how this subject is spoken about at home so that the same language can be used to prevent confusion or even fear. We hope this booklet empowers families and gives children a platform to express their feelings in a school setting as necessary.

Supporting You to Return to Work

This information leaflet was designed to support families back into work after loss and through subsequent pregnancies if applicable. The employer leaflet gives an insight into how an employer can support their employee. The packs can be requested by an individual or organisation.

Pregnancy After Loss Journal

A beautiful diary to write about your experiences of trying to conceive, through a rainbow pregnancy and parenting up to baby’s 1st birthday.

This bespoke journal is filled with stories, ideas to improve well-being, and information. Designed and lovingly created by families and professionals. These can be purchased from our online shop.