Emma Pearson

Co-Founder & Chair

I am chair and co-founder of JOEL. The charity was founded in 2012 after the birth of our eldest rainbow Sebastian, where we found very little support for pregnancy and parenting after loss and now we feel passionate about offering support to other families.

Being part of JOEL makes me feel very proud. We have achieved so much over the last few years and I feel very fortunate to have met many inspiring and brave families along the way.

JOEL is a combination of the names Noel and James, our twin boys who were born still in 2011, brothers to their younger rainbow siblings Sebastian and Polly.


Matthew Pearson

Co-Founder, Standards & Quality

Daddy to angels Noel and James, and rainbows Sebastian and Polly.

As a bereaved father, I know first-hand how devastating baby loss is.

Providing appropriate support and care to all families at this devastating time is so crucial, therefore I am passionate and dedicated to ensure that this is offered and delivered to all families locally and throughout the UK.




Sybil Fielding

Funding/Fundraising & Charity Sector

As a 62-year-old mother of 3 can truthfully say that I have some experience in life. Originally, I trained in catering and home economics and worked as a chef in one of the oldest schools in the country.

Much of my life has been spent working with of for young people, I trained in early years and pre-school education engages with many Play Groups and other early years groups. My experience working as an adult leader in the scout movement is considerable and spans 25 years.

Since 2005 it has been my privilege to serve as an elected member of the County Council and more recent times as a district councillor for Worksop North West. Uniquely I have held the civic office of Chairman for both Councils. These functions have brought me into contact with many voluntary organisations and ever inspired by how much is done by so many people in our community.

I am proud to be a member of Worksop Royal British Legion and Worksop Lions. My time management has always been a real challenge! Joël has always been close to my heart and seen the organisation grow from humble beginnings. I have been there got the tea shirt. Losing a child at any time is a terrible experience that remains with you always. Joel is making a real difference I will be doing my very best to support a very special organisation.




Allison Palmer

Strategy & Communication


Although I have only recently become an 'official' member of the JOEL committee, I have been an avid supporter of the charity for many years after meeting Emma and her dad Ian Pickersgill back in 2013, as they were setting up the charity. I was blown away by their passion and commitment for supporting others, following their own loss.

As well as having a personal interest in the work that the charity does, I am confident that I can offer lots of strategic support to help give them a clear future vision for the direction of the charity. JOEL has grown tremendously in such a short time and it is time to develop a clear strategic plan as they go from strength to strength. My current role as Partnership Officer at Bassetlaw Community & Voluntary Service (BCVS) will allow me to ensure that JOEL is able to access the support which it will need to remain a sustainable charity to support people not only in Bassetlaw and the UK, but potentially worldwide.

As well as being hands on with all aspects of the charity, I also bring a wealth of knowledge and life experience to JOEL, having been a Family Liaison Officer for over 10 years, trained in face to face bereavement support, whilst in the civil service for over 20 years. I am also a trained Bereavement Counsellor having received extensive training from Cruise & Bassetlaw Bereavement Care so I am adequately equipped to understand the effects of loss on families and the community as a whole having supported many families through their loss of a loved one.

I am really excited and inspired by 'Team JOEL' and the positivity which radiates through each and everyone associated with the charity and if I can be part of such a fabulous team then I look forward to being part of that dynamic.