JOEL supports families who are trying to conceive, throughout pregnancy and parenting after experiencing the devastation of baby loss.

Subsequent pregnancies can be a time filled with fear, anxiety, and dread, terrified you will lose your precious baby. How you feel is completely normal and you are not alone, it is important to not feel isolated and to be able to talk to others who know exactly how you feel.

Try to be kind to yourself, it is difficult to switch off feelings of anxiety and worry, many of us at team JOEL have been there ourselves and know how you feel. We have lots of different ways in which we can support you and guide you through your baby loss and subsequent rainbow pregnancy and parenting journey.

How can JOEL support you?

*Request to join our online closed Facebook group – JOEL Rainbow Baby Support Network –

*Request to join JOEL Dads online closed facebook group – JOEL Dads –

You can also request to meet and chat with one of our coaches, counsellors, hypnotherapist, and befrienders. 


*Visit the JOEL Hub, based at the Golden Ball, Worksop – to book an appointment email us or phone: 07591740287 

*Drop in at the HUB – Wednesdays from 10am – 12pm at the Golden Ball. (check out the specific dates on our Facebook page here)

Get in touch via our socials –

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We would love for you to provide us with some feedback as to how you have been supported by JOEL.

Please access our short feedback questionnaire here